A typical day

Aside from moving across an ocean, I haven’t had too many wild adventures… yet. Here’s a typical day so far:

I roll out of my comfy, creaky bed and say “buon giorno” to my three lovely roommates: Kate, Lydia and Caitlin. They’re all CCI/journalism students and good friends from Kent. We have nearly identical class schedules, so we walk about five minutes down our cobblestone street to the Palazzo dei Cerchi — sometimes stopping for cappuccinos along the way. There’s a small café just below our “third floor” apartment. (Seemingly endless winding stairs make it feel like the fifth or sixth floor.)

We walk on skinny little sidewalks that run alongside the buildings because Italian drivers are CRAZY. Speed limits and “right of ways” don’t exist, and I’ve only seen a driver slow when a woman was crossing with a baby. Elderly people have to fend for themselves. Our professors seem to find the city’s driving habits endearing, but one of these days I think I might lost an arm to a passing bus.

Classes are great. I’m taking European issues, intercultural communication, Italian II, a documentary-making class and the genius of Florence — in which we go to a different place each week and learn about it. There are fewer than 10 people in each class, no classes on Fridays, and I have a professor named Fabio.

After class, we explore. Most everything to see is right in the city center by our school — Il Duomo, Santa Croce, Ponte Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria to name a few. We’ve walked more than five miles some days but barely noticed because strolling through Florence is like exploring a work of art. Even the men and women are gorgeous — with their smooth, bronze skin, thick brown hair and incredible fashion. My most beautiful outfit looks like grunge next to these people.

We haven’t experimented much with cooking because most markets are open during classes, and the restaurants are unbelievably good. Wednesday afternoon, a simple tagliatelle alfredo dish left me speechless. It may sound cliché, but I really don’t think I can ever go back to Olive Garden.

My roommates and I signed up for a cooking class this upcoming Tuesday, so family dinners are around the corner!

I have yet to try authentic tiramisu, but I’m sure that will leave me speechless as well. I have, however, tried a few flavors of gelato…

Mine is in the middle — berry and mango!


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