Flu season in Firenze

I should have gotten a flu shot.

I woke up Thursday with a fever and the works — coughing, aching, sweating and other gross details. I’m beginning to think I’m like King Midas, but everything I touch is cursed. My friends and I are visiting Pisa today, and Lydia thinks my presence will make the leaning tower finally fall. I just hope I’m getting all this bad luck out of my system in the first few weeks, and the rest of my trip will be sunshine and rainbows!

I walked about 30 minutes Thursday to a doctor who spoke little English, and the words she did know were hard for me to understand. She gave me three prescriptions, so hopefully one of them helps. She also drew me a nice picture of what was happening with the fluids in my head.

The doctor told me “dormire molto” (to sleep a lot), so I’m spending the evening in and catching up on my blog.

My meds — minus laughter and good company 🙂


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