Lovely day for a snow day

Class was cancelled today because of the “snowstorm.”

Here’s a snapshot of a snowstorm in Florence:

I think “storm” is referring to the 70-percent chance of precipitation in this sunny-and-34-degree weather because shops and streets were dead all day. It was eerie but refreshingly peaceful. If only these people could see winter in Kent! Nicoletta, my Italian professor, said Florence got a few inches of real snow last February, and the city nearly shut down. Stores closed and people were abandoning their cars in the streets.

I will, however, be facing the elements for real when I travel to Interlaken, Switzerland and Auschwitz, Poland in the next few weeks. I am absolutely not prepared. Temperatures will be in the lower teens (Fahrenheit), and no one here has ever heard of hand warmers. I’m starting to get a little nervous. Hopefully the scenic views will warm my body and soul.


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