Good night, sweet Macbook

I think the Italian plug adapter got the best of my laptop because the screen is totally dead. I’m praying to the Apple gods that the insides aren’t fried.

The closest Apple store is almost an hour away by train, so for now, my Macbook is at rest in my closet.

I thought being phone-less would be hard, but I’ve managed that for two months without much complaint. Being laptop-less is so much harder! Everyone is always on his or her laptop, iPod or iPad. I’m hoping this is a blessing in disguise that will force me to get out and play more. So far it’s just stressing me out.

Anyways, unreliable computer access and my busy schedule (prepping for midterms, parents’ visit and spring break) are delaying a few blog updates. I’ll try to catch up this week, but unfortunately I can’t post pictures until my laptop is fixed.

Here’s hoping!


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