Playing hostess

Life is funny.

Last night, on the steps of the cathedral in Florence, I ran into this guy:

Marc was my neighbor and best friend in kindergarden. We dated briefly in high school, broke up, and helped each other get through following break ups. We’ve had a long and unpredictable friendship, but I never could have imagined reuniting on the other side of the world.

Of course, our meeting was planned, but it was like a scene from the movies nonetheless.

Playing tour guide was pretty fun but also pretty weird because time has passed so quickly. I feel like I just got here, so I was excited and proud when I realized how much I was actually able to show him, and how he trusted me as a “local.” I get to show off all week because right after Marc left, my parents flew in!

Last Christmas, my brother and I decided to send my parents to Italy to thank them for all the places they’ve sent us. I am SO excited that they get to share this experience with me. Life in Florence is changing me, and it means so much to me that they will get a taste of it.

I’m also excited to do all of the touristy things I haven’t done yet. Living in the city gives me such a different perspective, and I actually haven’t been in some of the biggest churches and museums yet. Can’t wait to share those things with Mom and Dad!


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